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Title: October.

Date: 2009-10-05 20:21:06
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It's already October.

In the blink of an eye, there's already only 3 months left of the year.

It's hard for me to use my time wisely.

Last month, I made an appearance on TBS's "All-star Kanshasai", also known as the "All-star Thanksgiving Festival".

I participated together with some of the cast from "Ohitorisama",

But my own results were pretty bad, haha

One of my good friends from a long time ago, Shintarou Yamada, was the one who won.

Though, sometimes I really don't understand what he's saying rofl

but he's a really pure and excellent man.

It's really vexing that I lost to Shintarou lol

But that's okay; it was really fun!

Thank you to all the staff members and all of you who tuned in to watch it.

Oh, and, I'm a bit late in telling you guys this, but I'm going to be in this TBS drama called "Ohitorisama" which will begin airing every Friday night starting October 16.

It's completely different from the field of work I'm used to, so I'm sort of scared that I won't be able to get used to it..

But I'll be surrounded with lots of talented actors, actresses, and staff, so I think I'll be able to learn a lot from this experience.

I'm a bit stubborn, but.. yeah, anyways. I'll just have to keep doing my best so I don't take a step backwards, haha.

And, and!

On December 9, our new single is going to go on sale!

We've been working on this single since June, so I don't even remember how many times we've done recordings,

but now we're finally finished!

Music isn't something that people can just say stuff about.

Just because someone says "it's good" doesn't necessarily mean that it actually is.

I want you all to listen to these songs yourself and make your own opinion,

So, I won't be saying anything about them, haha

For those of you who really want to hear it,

It's going to be the ending theme song for "House Season 2" which is premering on October 6, so please check it out!

...Today all I've really been talking about are like, advertisements, lol. My bad!

Look forward to my next update~!!


translation credit: vi

yume chan

2009.10.13 01:24:27

ehh.... keita is going to join the drama???? what kind of role he's going to play?? *curious*

thanks for the translation ne :D

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